my packages folder is 7 gigs and I haven’t even played yet

finished the skin, finished installing the game (begins to cry)

also I just found out that someone made an installer for ALL of the EPs and SPs and it bypasses a lot of things and saves a lot of time and I feel like an idiot (you can find it here). And he also made an all-in-one installer for the store that I managed to find so that’s cool too. 

So I was going to make an all around default replacement skin but SCLUB’s links for their 2048 versions of their 5.0 skin are down and I now have to wait for who knows how long…

Does anyone have it and want to send it to me?


so pirating the EPs/Expansions takes like 3X as long as paying for them, but I’m poor as fuck soooo

so i’m redownloading the games

i might upload the shit that I edit before sticking it in my game (defaults, etc)

who knows

Makeup, hair, and defaults done. 

On to eyebrows, clothes, sliders, game tweaks, and store cc.

omg it looks so gooooooood

this game is what nightmares are made of. I’ve already created a set of default replacement eyes, and opened up and dissected too many packages. 

I haven’t even started on makeup, hair, or clothes yet. I don’t even have all my sliders

that, and I have work tomorrow

I didn’t die, i just couldn’t play for quite some time. But because of Christmas, I got a new computer. I don’t know if ‘I’m back’ per se, I just know I want to play the game. How much I’ll be sharing or modding or whatever is not yet decided. 

Let us take a moment to appreciate that if I had payed for any of these (other than the base game) I would have spent 580 dollars. 

you tried

so I watched the new Sims 4 stuff, and I’m very excited…

but I noticed that all the sims were the same height. 

Without HQ With HQ

I’ve never seen a good before and after for the HQ Mod, so here’s mine. 

I cannot fucking deal with this adam and eve skin. god damn

are you fucking kidding? will someone please tell me what happened?