Makeup, hair, and defaults done. 

On to eyebrows, clothes, sliders, game tweaks, and store cc.

omg it looks so gooooooood

this game is what nightmares are made of. I’ve already created a set of default replacement eyes, and opened up and dissected too many packages. 

I haven’t even started on makeup, hair, or clothes yet. I don’t even have all my sliders

that, and I have work tomorrow

I didn’t die, i just couldn’t play for quite some time. But because of Christmas, I got a new computer. I don’t know if ‘I’m back’ per se, I just know I want to play the game. How much I’ll be sharing or modding or whatever is not yet decided. 

Let us take a moment to appreciate that if I had payed for any of these (other than the base game) I would have spent 580 dollars. 

you tried

so I watched the new Sims 4 stuff, and I’m very excited…

but I noticed that all the sims were the same height. 

Without HQ With HQ

I’ve never seen a good before and after for the HQ Mod, so here’s mine. 

I cannot fucking deal with this adam and eve skin. god damn

are you fucking kidding? will someone please tell me what happened?

What I want the most out of Sims 4

I want different styles.

By ‘styles’ I mean different ways of expression from Sims. You know how some people aren’t incredibly expressive, and other people are overly expressive? There are goofy people, very laid-back people, all kinds. 

I want that to be expressed through animations styles. Instead of every Sim in the world picking up an object the same way, the sim will pick up the object in different ways based on their ‘style.’ 

While one Sim may excitedly throw open a refrigerator door when getting themselves a snack, another might just lightly pull it open and casually inspect its contents. While one Sim may launch himself onto a couch or bed, another might inspect it before easing themselves onto it.

I think it’d be cool to be able to tell stories that way, because nothing ruins a serious sim’s story like them jumping up and down giggling over a potted plant.

look what I’m working on. The sun dress was just a cute little idea, this is a full on project. 

I know what you’re thinking— ‘oh that’s easy, he just has to find a few textures-“

NOPE. The cutouts are meshed, children. 

almost done, I think.

my texture assignments are bad and I should feel bad

take a look at these color channels, i’m such a talent wow